ALLERY One Name Study

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Source Information

  • Short Title Census 
    Publisher 05 Apr 1891 Census 
    Call Number RG12,0239,028,35,010 
    Source ID S-S0297 
    Text Place:42 St Andrews Hill St Andrew by the Wardrobe, London City and Carter Lane LND
    Samuel J ALLERY Head M M age 43 Tailor b.Paignton DEV ENG
    Jemima M ALLERY Wife M F age 38 b.Blackfriars ENG
    Mary ALLERY Mother Wid F age 72 b.Bermondsey ENG
    Rosina E ALLERY Dau S F age 20 Tailoress b.Bermondsey SRY ENG
    Walter F ALLERY Son S M age 19 Tailor b.City London LND ENG
    Jessie A ALLERY Dau S F age 15 Tailoress b.Silver Place, St James, London LND ENG
    George S ALLERY Son S M age 13 b.Holloway LND ENG
    David B ALLERY Son M age 5 b.City London LND ENG
    Frank J B ALLERY Son M age 2 b.City London LND ENG
    Benjamin R P ALLERY Son M age 1 b.City London LND ENG 
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