ALLERY One Name Study

A World-Wide Study into the name Allery


Source Information

  • Short Title Census 
    Publisher 30 Mar 1851 Census 
    Call Number HO107,1561,260,23,094 
    Source ID S-S0093 
    Text Place:14 Russell Street, Bermondsey SRY
    William ALLERY Head M M age 33 Master Tailor Employ 3 b.Dartmouth DEV ENG
    Mary ALLERY Wife M F age 31 b.Bermondsey SRY ENG
    William ALLERY Son M age 6 b.Bermondsey SRY ENG
    John ALLERY Son M age 4 b.Painton DEV ENG
    Alice ALLERY Dau F age 1 b.Bernondsey SRY ENG 
    Linked to Alice Elizabeth ALLERY
    Samuel John ALLERY
    William ALLERY
    William Adrian ALLERY
    Mary NEWTH