ALLERY One Name Study

A World-Wide Study into the name Allery

Camberwell, LND, ENG


Tree: Devon

Location : Latitude: 51.4735139817294, Longitude: -0.094757080078125


Matches 1 to 18 of 18

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 ALLERY, Alexander James Harvey  07 Sep 1920Camberwell, LND, ENG I-P0275
2 ALLERY, Bernard Eric  04 Sep 1921Camberwell, LND, ENG I-P0278
3 ALLERY, David Robert  07 Jan 1930Camberwell, LND, ENG I-P0313
4 ALLERY, Doris Ellen  31 Aug 1907Camberwell, LND, ENG I-P0217
5 ALLERY, Ivy Alice Maude  11 Jul 1913Camberwell, LND, ENG I-P0248
6 ALLERY, John Charles  Q1 1950Camberwell, LND, ENG I-P0672
7 ALLERY, Joyce Lily Ivy  05 Dec 1925Camberwell, LND, ENG I-P0297
8 ALLERY, Percy  19 Apr 1929Camberwell, LND, ENG I-P0310
9 ALLERY, Philip John M.B.E.  23 Aug 1924Camberwell, LND, ENG I-P0291
10 ALLERY, Stanley John  25 Nov 1921Camberwell, LND, ENG I-P0281
11 ALLERY, Walter James  29 Mar 1928Camberwell, LND, ENG I-P0307
12 FOLLETT, Hilda Gertrude  18 Feb 1914Camberwell, LND, ENG I-P0496
13 MERRY, Henry William Ingle  06 May 1867Camberwell, LND, ENG I-P2093
14 NEWELL, Richard Ernest  06 May 1915Camberwell, LND, ENG I-P0377
15 PARKER, Manuel Adolphus  28 Jun 1889Camberwell, LND, ENG I-P0432
16 PENFOLD, Vera Gladys  Q2 1917Camberwell, LND, ENG I-P0358
17 POLDEN, Ellen  Abt 1860Camberwell, LND, ENG I-P3190
18 TERRY, Jessie Amelia  16 Sep 1896Camberwell, LND, ENG I-P3505


Matches 1 to 17 of 17

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 ALLARY, Charles Stephen  22 Dec 1930Camberwell, LND, ENG I-P0173
2 ALLERY, Benjamin Robert Phillip  13 Dec 1969Camberwell, LND, ENG I-P0077
3 ALLERY, Frederick  Camberwell, LND, ENG I-P0197
4 ALLERY, John Charles  Q3 1963Camberwell, LND, ENG I-P0672
5 ALLERY, Lena Margaret  Q4 1914Camberwell, LND, ENG I-P1448
6 ALLERY, Samuel John  28 Jun 1922Camberwell, LND, ENG I-P0124
7 ALLERY, Sydney James  Q1 1962Camberwell, LND, ENG I-P0106
8 BLACKBURN, Jemima Mary Ann  21 Nov 1944Camberwell, LND, ENG I-P0485
9 BOHILL, Alice Maude  10 Jan 1921Camberwell, LND, ENG I-P0486
10 BOHILL, Andrew  Q3 1913Camberwell, LND, ENG I-P2115
11 BUCKENHAM, Gertrude Phoebe  Q4 1960Camberwell, LND, ENG I-P2004
12 FOLLETT, Hilda Gertrude  Q2 1961Camberwell, LND, ENG I-P0496
13 HESTER, Catherine  Q3 1967Camberwell, LND, ENG I-P0502
14 MC DONALD, Charles William  05 Oct 1970Camberwell, LND, ENG I-P0489
15 NEWTH, Mary  14 Dec 1906Camberwell, LND, ENG I-P0482
16 PITMAN, Emily Ann  Q1 1937Camberwell, LND, ENG I-P1731
17 TOMKINSON, Lilian Sarah  21 Sep 1956Camberwell, LND, ENG I-P0415


Matches 1 to 10 of 10

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 ALLERY /   Q2 1968Camberwell, LND, ENG F-M0137
2 ALLERY / EWINS  Q2 1952Camberwell, LND, ENG F-M0103
3 ALLERY / FOLLETT  Q3 1940Camberwell, LND, ENG F-M0179
4 ALLERY / PENFOLD  Q3 1942Camberwell, LND, ENG F-M0017
5 ALLERY / PHILCOX  Q3 1947Camberwell, LND, ENG F-M0176
6 COOPER / PERKINS  Q2 1948Camberwell, LND, ENG F-M1185
7 HAZELBY / ALLERY  Q4 1930Camberwell, LND, ENG F-M0050
8 MEEK / ALLERY  Q1 1930Camberwell, LND, ENG F-M0053
9 PARKER / POLDEN  Q4 1880Camberwell, LND, ENG F-M0786
10 PENFOLD / ANNAL  Q2 1913Camberwell, LND, ENG F-M0738