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Parents of Hannah Maria ALLERY

b.Q1 1853 Kingsbridge DEV
Parents of Blanch ALLERY

b.Q1 1857 Kingsbridge DEV
Parents of Emily Louisa ALLERY

b.Q2 1864 Newington LND
Parents of John Sebastine ALLERY

b.Q2 1866 Dursley GLS
Parents of Jessie Annie ALLERY

b.Q1 1871 Stoke upon Trent STS
Parents of Benjamin ALLERY

b.Q2 1873 Stoke upon Trent STS
Parents of Jane ALLERY

b.Q1 1875 Durhan DUR
Parents of Philip Cole ALLERY

b.Q3 1877 Kingsbridge DEV d.Q4 1877 Kingsbridge DEV aged 5M
Parents of Alfred Edward ALLERY

b.Q2 1884 Medway KEN d.Q4 1884 Medway KEN aged 4M
Parents of Richard Charlie ALLERY

b,Q1 1889 Midhurst SSX
Parents of Dorothy Florence Maud ALLERY

b,Q4 1903 Wandsworth LND
Parents of Margaret A ALLERY

b.Q4 1937 Blaby LEI
Parents of Elizabeth ALLERY

m.Q4 1838 Newcastle upon Tyne to Edward MONKHOUSE
Parents of Ann ALLERY

m.Q2 1839 Whitby YKS to Jackson NOBLE
Parents of Anne ALLERY

m.Q3 1846 Kingsbridge DEV to Thomas MEREFIELD
Parents of Ann ALLEARY

m.Q4 1850 Newton Abbot DEV
Parents of Charles ALLERY

m.Q2 1855 Crickhowell BRK
Parents Margaret ALLERY

m.Q4 1855 Liverpool LAN to Henry HOWARD
Parents of Agnes ALLERY

m.Q2 1856 Newcastle upon Tyne NBL to Thomas JEFFERSON
Parents of Robert ALLERY

m.Q3 1866 Horsleydown LND to Ann MAY
Parents of Emily ALLERY

m.Q3 1905 Diver KEN to James Henry PEARSON
Parents of Annie ALLEARY

m.Q1 1911 Holborn LND
Parents of Edouard Y ALLARY

m.Q2 1916 Edmonton MDX to Yohanna E RENAUT
Parents of Henry ALLERY

d.Q4 1937 Sunderland DUR aged 40
Parents of Ann Elisabeth ALLERY

d.Q3 1838 Whitby YKS aged 3
Parents of Dudley ALLERY

d.Q2 1841 Chippenham aged 33
Parents of Betsy ALERY

d.Q2 1845 Whitby YKS
Family of Mary ALLEREY

d.Q2 1849 Kingsbridge DEV aged 95
Parents of Thomas ALLERY

d.Q4 1863 Birmingham WAR aged 1
Family of Elizabeth ALLERY

d.Q1 1867 Stoke upon Trent STS aged 81
Family of Harriet ALLERY

d.Q3 1908 Shoreditch LND aged 70
Parents of Rose ALLERY

d.Q4 1912 Wolverhamton STS aged 1
Family of Annie ALLERY

d.Q3 1913 Bath SOM aged 54

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